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Arbo is located southeast of Pontevedra county, and well connected by road and rail with the main cities of the south of the county.

With just over 43 square kilometers. nestled in the heart of the beautiful region of A Parandata, is bounded by the municipalities of A Cañiza. north, As Neves, west; Crecente, east and south the Miño river.

More than 5,000 inhabitants with which the municipality has - with a relative density of population of 116 inhabitants per square kilometer - are distributed in six groups parish: Arbo. Barcela. Cabeiros. Cequeliños. Mourentán and Selo.

The three rivers that bathe the town - Devo. Cea and Minho. Arbo confer or specific microclimate that allows the practice of any nature related activity or throughout the year

Arbo is currently a concello that projects annually through the celebration of the Feast of the Lamprey in April. A food festival is the oldest in Galicia and Tourist Interest.

The appeal of lamprey occurs today, a considerable amount of income for a large number of families engaged in fishing or marketing. Or preparation and cooking as they occur in our restaurant.

You can not miss on the table the famous wines and Albariños County - D.O. Rias Baixas.

Inside the Villa of Arbo, apart from the many restaurants with typical food and the time, there carballeiras with oak trees and a building dedicated to WINE AND LAMPREY MUSEUM.


SANTA MARÍA DE ARBO - is the most importante, located in center of the town. Some of the many must-see spots are the Barrio de la Estación, La Casa Grande de Almuiña (our house), the manor of Almuiña, the Roman bridge, the river beach promenade and the District of San Juan, the because ethnographic 'Muíños da Rocha 'and the chapel of San Pedro. in the neighborhood of A Rocha, the parish church of Santa María, the different souls cruceiros and breastplates, and finally. the Minho river possess and "pesqueiras" of international bridge nearby.

SAN MIGUEL DE CEQUELIÑOS -In this area of lush beauty and also its magnificent Animas and cruceiros dungarees, travelers can enjoy the magnitude of their manors and noble houses. You can not miss the Pazo de A Moreira and Houses Emblazoned of Mandelos, Burin and Cigarreira.

SAN CRISTÓBAL DE MOURENTÁN - Among the many items that are sized forced a tour of this beautiful parish. mills we highlight the Deva river water; Well do Pombeiro and Pazo de Sande, the noble houses of the Somozas and Hermida, the Cruzeiro capillo Lomba and his cruceiro Sande and century bell

SAN SEBASTIÁN DE CABEIRAS - Following the path marked by Cea river. from A Predereira to A Espedregada, we can enjoy the 'Muiños dos Herdeiros'. It would be unforgivable not to ascend the hill of San Fins from whose viewpoint you can enjoy an incomparable view and which also has a beautiful chapel dedicated to the saint.

SAN JUAN DE BARCELA - Barcela has, like the six parishes of the municipality of Arbo, a huge tourist wealth of historic elements that are a must. as in the case of Calvary, Peto Animas, and Monolith Dolorosa bluff, all located in the Plaza de Borcela, next or parish church.

SANTA MARINA DE SELA - Santa Marina de Sela is another Arbo parish which has its own station on the tight track Vigo-Monforte de Lemos. La Casa Grande de Selo, compulsory visit in a tour of the parish. speaks of a noble past as Canexa Da House. Found. addition. a magnificent parish church.


  • Lamprey Festival - in April
  • Lamprey Festival Seca - First Sunday of July
  • Romería de San Fins - First day of August
  • Brandy festival- Third Sunday of August


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